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Inexpensive Gifts

A gift for yourself

A christian key ring can be a discreet way of showing your faith at work - and an easy way to start a conversation.

A simple gift slipped into a greetings card can be a well received token of thanks.

When it’s time for something a bit more educational and fun we have many Bible Quiz books and board games. If you bring your children along you will probably be pestering into buying them a "Jesus" badge, pen or poster. Great!

Top eight at hcb80

Gifts for pour homme

It’s what takes your fancy, but here’s our top sellers:

  1. Protective Bible Covers - plain or colourful design
  2. Wooden sculptures of Christian emblems
  3. Decorative bracelets and necklaces
  4. Silk ties and leather wallets
  5. Picture frames or ornaments
  7. Posters - big selection to choose from
  8. Wrapping paper


Pick up a bargain for the kids

Explore the extensive sales area for all our many gifts. You will need to look around and find them for yourself. But that can be a bit of fun too.

When you have finished exploring upstairs return downstairs for good value items all around the shop. It just needs a bit of a search to find them.

You may find that a spontaneous purchase of a bargain book or a treat for yourself brings its own simple pleasure.

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