CDs and DVDs

Worship Songs

That’s the way people communicate nowadays

There is something about worship in church that lifts your spirit and puts your focus on God.

It comes as a suprise to some people that you can buy Christian music on CD and listen in your car or at home, essentially engage in a time of private worship. If you are moved by the lyrics or tune of a particular song, the chances are we have it on CD.

For church leaders, there are DVDs suitable for playing in Church and in Sunday School. This is an ideal way to engage young people and keep their attention and then discuss the scene they have just watched in more detail.

CDs, DVDs and Video

So much to choose from

We have racks of music CDs available in store. The monthly "SELECT" magazine, available from the front counter, gives advance notice of new material.

Christian festivals, such as Spring Harvest or New Wine, release live recordings of the main worship events. There are Christian music DVDs too.

Interestingly, if you play Christian background music during mid-week events that are attended by non-Christians you might find they end up humming the songs when there’re at home.

Listen before you buy

Ask a member of staff to preview DVDs

We have a CD player so you can listen before you buy. We also have a small TV to preview DVDs. There is no obligation to buy, it will be pleasure to play the music you enjoy during your visit. We are fortunate to have such a diverse range of Christian demoninations in Havering. So we try to have music to suit everyone:

  • Traditional hymns
  • Gospel music
  • Gregorian chant
  • Contemplative music
  • Popular artists
    • Graham Kendrick - Shine Jesus Shine
    • Matt Redman - Let everything that has breath
    • Doug Horley - I want to see Jesus lifted high
    • Sir Harry Secombe - How great thou art
    • Chris Bowater - Holy One

MP3 and iPod

If music and meditative prayer on the move is more your thing; then try to download a ten minute daily time of contemplation.

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