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Cards for all occasions

A card is more personal than an e-mail

The best time to send a card is when it is unexpected and will be appreciated most - such as during an illness, or to celebrate an occasion like passing exams, or having a baby. What a great way to show you care.

Giving a card with a Biblical theme is a subtle and acceptable way to share the Chrisitan hope - without someone taking offence.

In a single visit to the shop you can buy an inexpensive gift, quality card and wrapping paper: job done.


A great choice of a large selection of cards

At traditional times of celebration within the Church, like Christmas and Easter, it is good to stand aside from the usual frenzy to buy the most expensive present or card you can (or can’t) afford. An inspirational card can touch someone at a deeper level.

At the rear of the shop we stock embossed writing paper with inspirational verses or short quotes from the Bible. You never know when a simple quote can touch a person at just the right time. This is especially true for people who are away from home.

Seating Area

Rest awhile at one of our tables for refreshments

Looking for an oasis of quiet away from the bussle of Romford town centre. You’ve found it.

This area is set aside to enjoy a snack or drink, write a card (the post office is directly opposite) or make a start on the book you have just bought.

Make this a meeting point for your friends to chat and catch up with the news. You are welcome to bring your own pack lunch if you prefer.

Christian websites

The Alpha Course

The Alpha Course, run by many of our local churches, gives people an opportunity to explore the big questions of life and faith. Click on the image to the right to go to their website.

With ten thought-provoking weekly sessions, Alpha is a low-key, friendly and fun way to explore the Christian faith.

ReJesus is an easy to follow website that seeks to answer head-on many questions about the Christian faith. Click on the image below to go to their website.

ReJesus Website